Natural Herbal Remedies For Lichen Planus

What is Lichen Planus?

Lichen Planus is a disease of rashes on the skin or in some cases inside the mouth. It is a kind of syndrome in which skin eruption stake place in the form of polygonal shapes accompanied by fine scales and rough textures. It is normally found on the mucous membranes or genetalia. It causes strong inflammation in the mouth or on the areas affected by Lichen Planus. This is a rough skin condition that causes massive discomfort for those who are suffering from it. The rashes and lesions formed on the skin are not painful but they are quiet irksome and cause major inflammation.

How is it caused?

For several years the cause of Lichen Planus has been unknown but most commonly people with Hepatitis C have been believed to suffer from this skin ailment but still that cannot be stated as an exact cause of Lichen Planus to occur. Some drugs that contain arsenic can be a major cause of the occurrence of this skin ailment but they too have not been identified as an exact cause. The long-term use of the drugs quinacrine has also been identified as a major cause of the occurrence of this skin ailment in many people. People who have had bone marrow transplants are also suffering from this disorder but it these causes are still in question whether they really cause this disorder or not or are they just playing a role in triggering the symptoms.

Symptoms of Disease

There are some obvious signs and symptoms that help doctors identify the disorder and the severity of the disease. These symptoms normally include:

  • Painful rashes on the skin
  • Concentrated on the sides of the tongue or inside of the cheeks
  • Pimples or blue white appearances on the skin
  • Lacy network on the upper layer of the skin
  • Painful ulcers
  • Usually located on the inner wrist, legs, torso, or genitals
  • Itchy lesions causing major discomfort
  • Single lesion or clusters of lesions, often at sites of skin injury
  • Possibly covered with fine white streaks or scratch marks called Wickham’s striae
  • Shiny or scaly appearance
  • Dark colored — reddish-purple (skin) or gray-white (mouth)
  • Possibility of developing blisters or ulcers
  • Dry mouth
  • Abnormal hair loss (in rare cases)
  • Taste of metal in the mouth
  • Nail abnormalities

Treatment, Prevention & when to see the Doctor?

In order to undergo the right treatment option it’s important to see the doctor and in this particular case you should go see a doctor when you see the rashes increasing day by day and affecting your skin badly. When you observe the rashes are getting itchier and causing major discomfort and are not under control with the help of ordinary treatment options. You should immediately run to the clinic when you see the change in appearance in the lesions inside the mouth or on the skin. There are several treatment options available that can help cure this disorder. These treatment options normally include antihistamines, immune suppressing medications, acid creams, ultraviolet light therapy, oral retinoids and a lot more.

There are several prevention techniques that you should keep in mind so that the disease does not get worse. You should take balanced diet, reduce sun exposures, take plenty of water and avoid getting in touch with non-prescribed ointments and medicated creams. Always consult a doctor as soon as you the major symptoms appearing before this ailment turns into malicious skin cancer.

Our Formula

We have invented and produced an amazing herbal formula that is made of natural herbs and has been tried and tested by the expert herbalists which has the strong inclination to battle with this skin disorder. This herbal treatment has been formulated to help you get rid of these lesions and irritating skin condition so that you can enjoy rash free skin with superb texture.

Why Us?

You should choose us because we deliver the best to our clients and our products are always 100% natural which carries no side effects associated with it.


In the end and in very simple words our herbal formula designed by experts is composed of nature’s best herbs and has the tendency to fight the worst ever possible symptoms of Lichen Planus.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Lichen Planus


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